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The last winter month of February is the freezing cold month in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and it is one of the most life threatening - and coldest months in the world. February - the last week of January - is an icy, cold, and life-threatening cold month for the people of Yementovsk.

In February, the maximum temperature is 32 degrees Celsius and is -32 degrees Celsius, with an average temperature of -27 degrees Celsius. During the year, temperatures typically vary between -2AdegF and 73AdEGF and rarely fall below -21AdegaF or -85AdEGAF.

The daily highs range from 64.7 to 64.7 degrees. And it will feel cool in the face of humidity and wind. Highs range from 70 to 3 degrees, with an average temperature of -2AdegF or -21AdegaF. During the winter months, the daytime high will be between 64 and 7 degrees and the average temperatures between -3 and -6.5 degrees, but the high will feel cool in the middle of the day given the humidity and wind.

If you want to visit Yekaterinburg in a very warm time, the hottest months are July, June and August. If you are looking for dry weather, February, January and December are the driest months.

The hottest day of the year is July 23, with an average maximum of 76 degrees Celsius and a low of 58 degrees Celsius. The warmest time of the year is generally mid-June, where highs are regularly reached. Temperatures rarely drop below 55 degrees at night, and the hottest days this year are July 22, July 24 and July 27, with above-average highs (76 degrees) and lows (58 degrees).

The average temperature level in Yekaterinburg for the duration of February is 11, while the normal high for this month is 8, and the average low of the year is 6 February, with average lows of 2AdegF and highs of 15AdeGF. The lowest daytime temperature is 12 degrees Celsius on February 5. While temperatures can drop at night, humid days are usually followed by muggy nights. Although temperatures typically vary significantly from day to day, dew points tend to change more slowly. Daytime temperatures rise from 5 degrees to 12 degrees and 17 degrees, rarely fall below 7 degrees and exceed 31 degrees.

The average amount of precipitation and snow in February is 36 mm (1.4%) below normal. It has been raining since mid-October, and Yekaterinburg has had at least twice as much rain as usual for this time of year.

At the upper end of the range is usually colder, drier snow, and temperatures feel colder given the humidity. Note that a value of 0.0 on the snow curve below may mean that there is no snow or snow is not reported.

In February, Lake Baikal has an average of 15 rainy days, and there is a good chance that the rain will often wet you wherever you go. If it is cold and the sun is not always there, it is advisable to bring an umbrella, especially if the chance of rain is high. Take it very seriously when you are in the rain and soak it up a lot because it can do a lot of damage to your body and clothes.

The best time to visit Moscow is during the season, with an average of 1-2 days of rain per week in winter and 3-4 days in summer. Get a daily historical average, including daily highs and lows, as well as historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Get a historical average for each day of the week for the historic low and high temperatures, including the daily high and low, which helps you plan ahead.

Note that the seasonal average is the average of what can be observed in Moscow from January to February, with an average maximum of 7 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 3 degrees Celsius. February in Moscow is the highest and lowest, with 7 to 3 degrees, and the best weather in the summer months.

In February, the average temperature in Irkutsk is 7 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature is 29 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is 11 degrees on average, with an average temperature of 20 degrees. In February last year, this was observed as in previous years (see below). If you choose this destination as your winter destination (January to February), the average temperatures you will experience in February will be 13.6 degrees C (4.8 degrees C). The maximum temperatures will be 14 ° C and the lowest temperatures will be 2 ° C, while the temperatures in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and February will be 2 ° C. The maximum temperature is 2 ° C and the maximum is 2 ° C.

Well, we reserve the right to reserve all rights to the weather conditions in Irkutsk and other regions of the Russian Federation during the winter season.

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