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I was born and raised in beautiful St. Petersburg and have spent the last 4 years of blogging creating some of the most amazing travel experiences in Russia, from luxury travel on Russian Empire trains to visits to Russia's most famous tourist attractions, such as the Kremlin and Red Square. In this post I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite places where you can taste Russian food directly in your home country. Visiting the Russian Orthodox Church, the Imperial Palace and other historic buildings is an incredible way to travel to the heart of Russia.

Overall, it is a special place to fall in love with Russian food, people and each other. If a traveler wants to get to know Russia and the Russians, he will not miss going to a Russian restaurant. I hope you find this post helpful and fun to read and share on social media, and here are some of my favorite Russian restaurants in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chechnya and other parts of Russia.

Ruski is stunning in at least two ways: first, it soars above the city on the 85th floor of a skyscraper, and second, it offers amazing traditional Russian hospitality. The restaurant was named after the Stroganovs, who were also among the largest landowners in Russia.

Zivago, the protagonist of Boris Pasternak's novel, lived in a house nearby, and the concept of a friendly city café became so popular that there are now several Khatchatchatchaturi squares in Moscow. Pacquiao spent much of his time in the hotel where Dr Zhivago is staying, which has attracted hungry Moscow tourists.

The restaurant specialises in "Russian home cooking" and includes everything from grilled salmon to chicken and pork chops, as well as a variety of other dishes. The Cafe Pie Network, which started in St. Petersburg, now bakes Pirogi cakes in three locations in Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

The restaurant specialises in "royal" Russian cuisine, which was served to aristocrats before the revolution. After all, the Lilya Brik café is one of the most popular restaurants in Yekaterinburg and also the only one in the city. There are a number of restaurants with specialties that are "Russian Soviet dishes" and whose prices are above average, but are also a popular destination for a variety of other dishes.

In addition, Rogozhskaya Trapeznaya offers over three hundred "Russian" dishes prepared from the best traditions of Russian cuisine. Russian restaurant in Yekaterinburg, where you can buy a salad for 19 rubles (0.27 euros) and a meal for 2.5 rubles (1.29 euros). A complete list of dishes can be found in our post about dishes you can taste in Russia. Before we start with the "best" Russian restaurants in Saint Petersburg, let's talk about the dishes you should try in Russia.

Gourmets can attend cooking classes with local chefs and explore local restaurants to sample the best dishes from the most popular restaurants in Yekaterinburg and other parts of Russia. On the top floor there are several cafés, including a Pelmeni café with "Russian" cuisine, where you can taste "Pelmenis" (stuffed dumplings) and a "Dumplings Café" with a variety of dishes.

If you are on a budget but still want to taste interesting "Russian" or "national" dishes and have heard of Teremok, you can combine good taste and quality with fast service. Russian cuisine, which I highly recommend to you when visiting Moscow, and if you and your compatriots are travelling from St. Petersburg, I would recommend getting to know it, as it is the most delicious.

If you want to immerse yourself in Russian culture and history, you can also immerse yourself in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church and its history in the Caucasus.

If you are less gourmet but want to feel the atmosphere of an old farmhouse, this restaurant and museum is designed for you. dacha Lenina ($20): Since its opening in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this restaurant has behaved like a restaurant and is one of the oldest restaurants in Chechnya.

The menu is quite wide and has all sorts of dishes, just like baklaschans, but there is no menu with 26 or 28. I must add that it is a largely 'European' restaurant in Russia, serving pretty much everything you could imagine. However, there are many "Russian" dishes that are really delicious, and there is not much difference between them. The Russian cuisine, which is the specialty of the following restaurants, is that the French and German cuisine are predominant, as mentioned above.

As a resident of one of Europe's largest cities, the best restaurants in the city seem very reserved, and I personally cannot recommend any of these places, but only the best ones are recommended to foreigners. Russian cuisine to try more places in St. Petersburg, of course there are some places I have not tried, so I do not recommend them personally. The best restaurants in the cities range from the museum, such as the restaurants that refer to ancient traditions (urinal) to more modern ones, such as restaurants with a wide selection of dishes and a good selection of wines.

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More About Yekaterinburg