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With the world's attention firmly focused on the US presidential race in recent weeks, Vladimir Putin has taken a number of surprising steps. Tensions between the Russian Federation and the US have been exacerbated by the alleged annexation of Crimea and sanctions, which have increased tensions between Russia and its allies in the Middle East and Africa.

Best Western, based in Phoenix, Arizona, declined to comment and referred questions to the hotel owner and operator. The end of Best Western's presence this year shows the extent to which the United States and the European Union, after initially imposing sanctions, have driven Western investors away from Crimea. A hotel employee told Reuters that the franchise agreement with Best Western expired last October because of sanctions. Staff reports do not say whether the deal was terminated because of Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula or sanctions against Russia itself, but it is not clear which aspect of those sanctions led to BestWestern's termination of the deal or whether it was terminated at the initiative of the hotel owners.

We took a 15-minute metro ride to explore the historic centre of the city, home to the Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin, and then experienced the nuances of Russian history when we visited the Moscow Museum of History, a museum of the history of Russia and its people. We ended our tour by visiting the Boris Yeltsin Museum and exploring the collection of artifacts from the Soviet Union and early history of Russia. If you use any part or all of Russia Beyond content, you will always provide an active hyperlink to this original material.

The museum offers a chance to see Yeltsin's life and get to know him and his family, but also to visit the Gulag and Cold War museums and see that Moscow's past was not always squeaky clean. Still, it remains a fascinating country to visit, and Russia's more opaque cities are the perfect destination.

Sights include the Hanseatic fountain, which is said to return 1,000 rubles for every 1,000 rubles thrown into it, and a variety of museums, including one on iron and porcelain history. The tour will also take you on a trip to meet the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, who is from Yekaterinburg. If there is one sight not to be missed, it is the Kremlin with its magnificent architecture and history, as well as its historic buildings and monuments.

With a population of over 1.4 million people, Yekaterinburg is one of Russia's most populous cities and the second largest city in the world. This amazing city serves as the capital of Russia and is also an important economic center for the whole country.

Everywhere travelers go, Russia is steeped in history, from great classical music and literature to vicious battles and history. Russian tourists who want to experience this past time are now visiting Yekaterinburg, one of the most popular destinations in the world.

The Kremlin is a fascinating place to explore, but if you don't necessarily want to know about Russia's first president, you can take a closer look at the Kremlin's tallest skyscraper, Moscow, to take a closer look at its history.

During World War II, this hotel housed families displaced by fighting in the west of the Soviet Union. In 1943, the club was moved to a renovated film studio in Sverdlovsk, home to Moscow during the Soviet era - Mosfilm, one of Russia's most famous film studios.

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Russia lies between Europe and Asia, spanning the continental divide marked by the Ura Tour and the Moscow Kremlin. Kazan is Russia's third capital after Moscow and St. Petersburg and enjoys one of the highest living standards in Russia. Founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, St Petersburg was once the imperial capital of Russia, but was renamed Leningrad in 1924. Irkutsk is the capital of Eastern Siberia and you can eat in the Moscow Kremlin with its famous restaurants, cafes and restaurants.

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Russian businessman Igor Kesaev, one of Russia's richest men and the second richest man in the world, according to Forbes, is dead. Ukrainian model Olga Klimenko, whom he married in a private ceremony in Moscow's Krasnoyarsk district in 2010 at the age of 28. Russian businessman Igor Kezaev, who according to Forbes is the richest man in Russia and the fourth richest person in Europe.

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More About Yekaterinburg